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Reservation System for restaurants, sports, wellness, congresses, and many others

The reservation software is the best solution for every business, where anything can be reservated, like tables in restaurants. The software is compatible to or booking system and makes our software program for event and guest business complete. Some important points:
  • easy to use software
  • time windows for 4 seasons
  • same customer base like our booking system
  • very flexible - software will be fixed to your opening times
  • daily printouts of the reservation plan / guest list
  • table reservation in restaurants, reservation of bowling lines, sportplaces, wellness, spa, congresses, meetings - for all what can be reserved for guests. The software can be rented - you will get a great software for a small price.
  • Reservierungssystem, Reservierungssoftware, Reservierprogramm, Reserviersystem, Restaurant, Kongreß, Tagung Reservation Systems, Software, Program for congresses, meetings, restaurants, sports, wellness, spa, golf, tennis, bowling and so on.

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