WS Media Service, Ticketing Systeme, Buchungssysteme, Downloadshops, KleinanzeigenmarktplatzWS Media Service, Ticketing Systeme, Buchungssysteme, Downloadshops, Kleinanzeigenmarktplatz, Software

Ticketingsystem, Ticketsoftware, Booking System, Software, databases, PHP scripts

Programs (scripts) will be written specially for your project - see some examples:
  • Real Estate, Car, Ship Markets, ...
  • Car tyre shop, poster shop, music shop, ...
  • CMS - Content Management System - our newest product
  • Dynamic websites (PHP)
  • Onlineshops based on CGI / PHP (database system)
  • Ticketing System - ticket sale - event management
  • Foto galleries - slideshows or thumbnails
  • Booking software for hotels and event halls, tourist information ...
  • Forum, Guestbook, News, Jobmarket, form handling and mailprograms
  • Supportdesks - Online FAQ´s for your products
  • Payment systems (Micropayment)
  • Any database applications and much more solutions. Ask us! We offer many product for rent - please visit for further details.
  • Ticketingsysteme, Buchungssysteme, Anzeigenmarkt, Software, Köthen, Halle, Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg

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