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Database Shopsystem with ware basket, working without Cookies and Javascript. The shop can be programmed specially for your business. The shop is easy and fast to administrate. Important properties:
  • Database system with password protected admin area
  • Search function - general or by product groups
  • No limit of product groups and products
  • 10 prices, size, kind for each product
  • Customer database
  • Online Billing with printout
  • Mail to customer when delivering
  • Productadministration with special offer function
  • Minimum order and additional costs
  • Shipping costs - standard and heavy ware addon
  • Deliverable or not sign
  • Standardsystem in german and english language - more languages possible Special function can be added (e.g. storage). We tell you, which system is the best choice for you.
  • Shopsysteme, Downloadshop, Onlineshop, Reifenshop, Felgenshop, Köthen, Halle, Leipzig, Berlin

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